Project ECHO Rural EMS
What is Project ECHO?
Using proven adult learning techniques and interactive video technology, the ECHO Model™ connects groups of community providers with specialists in regular real-time collaborative sessions. The sessions, designed around case-based learning and mentorship, help local workers gain the expertise required to provide needed services. By providing case consultations and brief presentations, experts in mental health, substance abuse, prevention, and wellness will enhance first responders’ knowledge and skills. We hope to teach, learn, and share best practices across the communities of first responders and to assist them in building self-efficacy.
Upcoming Sessions: 
  • 11.4 - "Role of the Florida Department of Health in the Statewide Growth of Community Paramedicine/MIH" by Michael Leffler
  • 11.18 - "Community Paramedicine Programs: An Overview" by Jerri Regan, MS, MPA, RN
  • 12.2 - "Where the rubber hits the road: measuring performance" by Jerri Regan, MS, MPA, RN

Join virtual learning sessions with Rural EMS/Paramedicine experts bi-weekly  Thursdays at 12 pm est.

The clinic begins with a 20-30 minute lecture on a specific topic relevant to paramedicine. Sessions use the Zoom application for videoconferencing.

We hope to collaborate on other topics of interest. If you have suggestions for topics or cases, please share them with us directly at [email protected] so we can set up a time to discuss them.

We look forward to your involvement in our Rural EMS Project ECHO Clinic.


Past ECHO Session Resources

Registered ECHO Participants who have attended at least one live session can view

past recorded sessions here

***On February 16, 2021, Scott A. Rivkees, MD, State Surgeon General, Florida Department of Health issued an Emergency Rule 64JER21-1, Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician Administration of COVID-19 Vaccines. Each licensed agency must have a training program that aligns with the above materials, utilizes the attached documents, and is approved by their Medical Director. Each employee, Paramedic or EMT, must have a skills check-sheet signed by the Medical Director, or designee, on file with their licensed agency.***