Wendell Rollason Award

Award Nominations are currently OPEN for 2024!

Do you know an outstanding rural health leader or a compassionate public servant improving the quality of life in rural Florida? Nominate him or her for the Wendell Rollason Award which will be presented during the 27th Annual Summit!

Wendell Rollason Award


Check out the history and past recipients of the Award below!

 History of the Award

In 1994, the Florida Rural Health Association Board of Directors established this award to recognize outstanding public service leadership in the area of rural health issues in Florida. The first award was presented to its namesake, Wendell N. Rollason, Executive Vice President of Redlands Christian Migrant Association.

With its annual presentation, FRHA will continually honor Wendell Rollason, a powerful force in Florida on issues of Rural Health, migrant farm workers, and education for poor and minority children. He was instrumental in bringing about change through legislative efforts and by encouraging those with differing viewpoints to sit down and talk out solutions.  He gave a lifetime of devoted service on behalf of farm workers and rural children and their families.

The Wendell N. Rollason Achievement Award will be presented to the individual who has contributed most toward the goals of the Association and who has provided an enduring contribution to rural health care.  In the spirit of Wendell Rollason, the individual will be honored for his/her compassion, unselfishness, and commitment in seeking solutions in the delivery of rural health care or quality of life in rural Florida.

For more information on Wendell N. Rollason,  Founder of RCMA, please go to: http://www.rcma.org.


Past Recipients

  • 1995 Wendell Rollason

  • 1996 Gary Rexroat, P.A.

  • 1997 Martha Valiant, M.D.

  • 1998 Jim Forbes, M.D.

  • 1999 Jean Anderson

  • 2000 James T. Howell, M.D., M.P.H.

  • 2001 Ed Brown

  • 2002 Andrew Behrman

  • 2003 Wayne McDaniel

  • 2004 C. David Smith, M.D.

  • 2005 Dennis Penzell

  • 2006 Jeffrey I. Rubin, M.D

  • 2008 Susan J. Gay

  • 2011 Jason L. Kimbrell, MSM

  • 2012 Rep. Denise Grimsley

  • 2013 Mimi Balch M.D.

  • 2014 Tirso Moreno

  • 2017 Gail Bellamy

  • 2017 Rep. Cary Pigman

  • 2018 Pastor Carlos Irizarry

  • 2019 Maggie Labarta, PhD